superior inferiority complex

After too much blindness due to 305 affinity, I can't stand Rick Ross anymore. It was easy to get lulled into his nursery rhymes and love for rhyming phrases with themselves (but guess what? it was in a different context.)

Here's to Kimbo Slice becoming the next super hyped Miami guy making it big time. Check the grimy video of him fighting in a backyard. You know it's in South Florida because it just looks hot and the yard slopes into a canal.
i will get this blogger link to work.

Finally, I'd like to give Whole Foods a special shout out. You've recently been upped by 3000 in the Young Lloyd remix, which does have the good fortune of being backed by a surprisingly out of left sample. Also, your granola from the plastic dispenser is better than any cereal that isn't on Fruity Pebbles level. Any brand of cereal that considers the toy in the box to be a pedometer or helpful to the colon is easy bested. This time? Pumpkin seed flax hippie fart Delight.

Pimps them all

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