Ham & Zombies

i have issue with Easter. I have an issue with most of the things that are done in jesus' name, especially when they are contrary to the basic tenets of being a joo. what's seemingly the holiest day of the christian year is celebrated with a ham or an entire roast pig if you get down like cubans. It's probably popular opinion that these kinds of thoughts never permeated those trembling under the eye of a thorny hatter. fuck all because the second that people forgot that jesus was in fact a jew, it all got real clouded (n. Big Boi re: cloudy piss). also drink in the remembrance of the last seder.

ever come across a person that fancies themselves witty and prides their quick comeback technique? ever find one that was completely mistaken in this belief? the person that generally jumps into a conversation or joke and thinks they have the killer, johnny cage triple beheading fatality on the mk1 machines with bootleg software ready and chambered. they ruin my flow, my stream when it's time to unleash hell at work at a place other than the 3rd, 4th and 6th floor bathroom. a comeback is one where the pause is shorter than the response, otherwise you're just masturbating.

listening to: hieroglyphics - over time

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